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Glamgoth? Cyberelectro? Industrial Dance? Disguised as dark, sleazy electropop, DEAD LIGHTS create their own personal blend of monumental synth bass lines and gritty sounds, elaborate vocal arrangements and brutal, dance-orientated beats. 



DEAD LIGHTS was founded in 2020, and quickly found itself confronted with the restrictions surrounding the Covid19 pandemic. This situation forced the international musician / producers duo (UK and NL) to work on all their output from a distance.

Separated by the sea and a pandemic, but connected in spirit and a lust for dark, filthy, electronic dance music, Saul and Richard still managed to create songs, videos, as well as all the artwork, cleverly combining seperate portraits into one band picture and solo video shoots into one video until they were able to meet in person for the first time to rehearse for their first live gig two years later. 

The live stage premiere of DEAD LIGHTS was in June 2022 at the WGT festival in Leipzig, followed by several gigs in Germany and The Netherlands later that year. New shows and tours are planned for 2023. (See LIVE page)

DEAD LIGHTS released their music on the German label Cold Transmission Music, until they switched to DarkTunes Music Group in January 2023. 

Press quotes


"Their music happily eschews obvious labels, taking notes from the likes of glam, goth and industrial to create something that’s truly their own, filled with booming vocals and beats and gritty synth sounds.” 

NOTION magazine (UK)


“The androgynous members display an understanding of how 21st century industrial pop should sound.” 

Sonic Seducer (DE) 


“Dead Lights mix bass-heavy Underworld-ish buzzing magnetism, pummeling mechanical rhythms, and ’80s UK synth-pop sexy, glamorous flair” 

White Light / White Heat (UK)


"A vibrant cocktail based on electro-industrial, electro-pop with a glam topping and EBM; androgynous cyberpunk that overwhelms the listener with a flurry of potential hits.” 

Ascension Magazine (USA) 


“Catchy electronics filled with punk strength and deep, haunting vocals. Dark sound, sleazy electronics from the first note to the last shout.” 

Elektrospank (DE)

"Sexy EBM with a personal, minimal touch on top. Dead Lights is a cool discovery for lovers of EBM in search of something a little bit different from the rest.” 

Side-lIne (BE)


“EBM, dance, punk, darkwave, and an urge to create darkened fun.” 

Brutal Resonance (UK)


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