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Single title: Doom Doom Trash

Format: Digital on Bandcamp & Spotify

Record label: Cold Transmission Music

 Release: 4 February 2022



EP title: Doom Doom Trash

Format: CD / Digital download

Record label: Cold Transmission Music (GER)

Catalogue nr: CT130

Distribution: Audioglobe (IT)

Release date: 11 March 2022

Pre-order date: 4 February 2022

“"Dead Lights seems almost custom-built for those that enjoy darker electronic outings, but also like to have a bop on the dance floor. It’s a seedy electro-goth blowout, one that’s also likely to take on a fresh energy in a live environment."
 The Electricity Club (UK)

DEAD LIGHTS was founded shortly before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing the international musician/producers duo (UK and NL) to work on all their output from a distance. Separated by the sea and a pandemic, but connected in spirit and a lust for dark, filthy, electronic dance music, Saul and Richard managed - via digital communication only - to produce a handfull of videos, a single, 2 EPs and one album (CD/2LP), as well as all band photos and artwork. 


DEAD LIGHTS fuel their dark alternative electronic dance sound with punk energy and catchy lyricism. The androgynous duo aim to produce visceral and raw art that disrupts gender and genre. Glamgoth? Cyberelectro? Industrial Dance? Disguised as dark, sleazy electropop, DEAD LIGHTS create their own personal blend of monumental synth bass lines and gritty sounds, elaborate vocal arrangements and brutal, dance-orientated beats. 


"A vibrant cocktail based on electro-industrial, electro-pop with a glam topping and EBM; androgynous cyberpunk that overwhelms the listener with a flurry of potential hits." 

Ascension Magazine (USA)

‘Doom Doom Trash’ is the title track from their upcoming EP on which the duo presents four new bass heavy electro-punk songs full of glamorous goth and filthy fun. Imagine the industrial sounds of NIN or Gary Numan on one hand, and the energy of The Prodigy or The Chemical Brothers on the other. Locked together in industrial popsongs taylored to fill dancefloors in a dystopian world. 

"A visceral rush of sensual intrigue and dangerous excitement that propels you straight to a dark, tranced-out dance floor dystopia."

WhiteLight/WhiteHeat (UK)


01. Intro

02. Run

03. Vile

04. Doom Doom Trash

05. Follow Me

06. The Raven (Video Mix)  (CD exclusive)

 The 4-panel gatefold digisleeve CD edition contains 'The Raven (video mix)' as bonus track.

Includes booklet with lyrics. 

Music & words by DEAD LIGHTS

Artwork by DEAD LIGHTS

mastered by Uwe Teichert at Elektropolis (Brussels)

contact: dead.lights.contact@gmail.com