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Stay tuned for the release of our new video & single: 'I Am Electric' on 9 June!

Electricity flows through all of us, in every human body, allowing us to move, think and feel. It gives us power and life, but as an element, it can also be chaotic, destructive and deadly.
"I Am Electric" describes all this inner energy, the body electric, becoming amplified beyond control. What would it feel like if a person was reduced to this raw element, just mindless energy, bursting out of a human shell and flowing into everything around them? On the one hand to lose all consciousness, but on the other, to join and become one with all other life, rejuvenating and destroying without thought or reason? This process would involve the death of the self, but in return, would grant a kind of life force that’s beyond our comprehension.
In short, the song is a pure power trip about destruction, self-destruction, life and resurrection!

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14 April 2023

27 February 2023


We are thrilled to announce 10 Shows with the mighty Front Line Assembly!

27 February 2023




Stay tuned for the release of our new video & single: 'Receiver'!
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darkTunes Music Group

19 May 2022

We recorded a video for our song 'Run'. Performed live and recorded during lockdown at Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL).

3 March 2022

Doom Doom Trash

digital / CD | 11.03.2022

Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music

‘Doom Doom Trash’ offers four bass heavy industrial electro-punk tracks full of glamorous goth and filthy fun. Multi-layered popsongs taylered to fill dancefloors in a dystopian world.

The video for the title track features dancer Marion Bosetti and was recorded in UK and NL. 

The CD version features the 'Video Mix' of 'The Raven' as bonus track.

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